Friday, December 04, 2009

You are free

And I will be too.  Relatively soon.

I have never been one to worry or stress over, well, a lot of things.  I guess the same goes for this exam I will be taking tomorrow morning.  Actually, around this exact time tomorrow, I should be "free" or finished or completed or, at the very minimum, out of a stuffy college classroom and hopefully enjoying a dark beer and an American Spirit (or ten).  Then maybe a nap.

To be realistic, I am going into the LSAT totally illprepared.  I have studied very little as life has (done what life tends to do and) turned hectic and threw me off-balance.  This, I realize in retrospect, is something I should have anticipated or at least been vaguely aware of.  But wasn't.  Or maybe I was.  It is all very confusing (not to mention mundane for readers, I am sure).  However, I am not here to entertain.  I am here, doing this, typing these words, as some sort of strange therapeutic practice that I have grown to depend on and actually thoroughly enjoy.

Speaking of enjoyment, I saw my sister yesterday.  She came to my flat with her man-friend, and just visited.  She really is great.  The older I grow the more and more aware I become of her sheer greatness, her love for life, and (caring for) people.  I am lucky to have a little sister like Kim.  She's also incredibly funny.  She makes me laugh like very few people are able to.  I dig that, a lot. 

Also.  I have been mildly obsessed with The National as of late.  Their album "Boxer" is quite impressive.  Truth be told, I met a handsome boy weeks ago.  We bonded over books (he's reading Vonnegut's Armageddon in Retrospect, which I finished over the summer, etc.) and music (he saw Radiohead at Lollapalooza last summer, I saw them in Indianapolis; he saw David Bazan at the Turf Club a couple months back, I saw him at Lincoln Hall, etc.).  These are things that attract me to people in general (but as previously mentioned, he was a handsome boy -- which makes things more interesting I guess).  Anyway.  Long story short, he was into The National.  I randomly remembered him mentioning this while at Barnes and Noble.  And the rest is history ...regarding my obsession with the album, I mean.

So.  It is officially considered late to be awake and functioning the night before the LSAT (or so my fellow LSAT taking friends tell me), so I best be off to sleep.  I have my large Ziploc bag packed (four #2 pencils, tissues, a banana, my driver's license, my LSAT ticket -- all of the most random/boring things packed into one plastic bag really), and my outfit set out as if I were a third grader (yoga pants, cardigan, moccasins).  Ugh.  It is frustrating, don't you think?  These tests, this fucking test I have to take in the morning.  I know I would be a successful environmental lawyer.  I can feel it in my bones.  I am passionate, and hardworking (whatever that even means anymore) -- at least regarding things of which I am passionate.  So it would work.  Work really well actually.  But, unfortunately, a 3.5 hour long exam will determine much more than my silly words, passions, and promises.


  1. Good Luck on the LSAT, I'm taking the GRE next Saturday....I find it strange that I just happen to come upon your profile in which you are abou tto take a test and I'm cringing over GRE for Dummies and a plethora of Princeton Review practice tests....

  2. Like Mike said, good luck on your exam! Thank you for commenting. I really enjoy reading about your life in Wisconsin.