Friday, May 21, 2010

An Education

Just finished the film An Education.  

What an incredible film.  Peter Sarsgaard + Carey Mulligan were even better than I had anticipated.

. . .

"Go home and do your homework.  
And don't hang out with dodgy blokes at dodgy caf├ęs and dog races.  
Go to University!"

A Graduate (!)

So, I'm graduated!  Finally!

As much as I will miss this city after five years of calling it home, I am beyond excited to find out where life has to take me.  All I know is this for certain:  life will be taking me to HAWAII for at least awhile!  R.M., one of his brothers, J, and I will be going to Hawaii to stay with R.M.'s cousin and husband in Honolulu.  I simply cannot wait to lay on the beach and just exist.  I will finish out (most) of my lease at this flat and bartend for the time being.  Then fly out for Honolulu sometime in late June.  (!!!)

Yay for life post-graduation :) !

Track du Moment: "Shannon Rhodes" by Damien Jurado

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This makes me want to cry: