Wednesday, December 02, 2009


How excited are people to see this film?
And more importantly, how good does Daniel Day-Lewis look?

But really. We have Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Judi Dench (who has truly terrified me since watching "Notes on a Scandal"), someone even threw Fergie in there (!?) and Sophia Loren.
Get real.

This film would be incredible sans the said actresses and with only Day-Lewis as the big name actor, or whatever. Well, this is me excited.
Link to the trailer:

Oh what I would give to be Italian.

. . .

On a very separate note: I had strange dreams last night. Rarely am I able to remember my dreams, so I thought I would share:

First, a dream (nightmare) about the LSAT (which I take on Saturday). All I remember is me, #2 pencil in hand, fretting over (lost) time and the logic game section of the dreaded exam. Ah, moving on.

Second, my dear dad gave me a token. Worth $100. What a guy.

Third, The Watson Twins and Jenny Lewis merged on (another) record and released it! Last night! Quite thrilling.

Finally, my (terribly unreliable) car wouldn't start.

Now I am nervous. All of these dreams could easily become a reality.
Although I just checked the balance of my checking account and my father did not deposit $100.
And I would have been aware and anxiously anticipating the Jenny Lewis/Watson Twin thing for quite some time now.
So we are left with the car not starting (very plausible), and/or me fretting while taking the LSAT.

I vote LSAT worries. Unfortunately. Jesus. Luck, please.

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