Thursday, December 03, 2009

So, winter is now

It is officially winter-time in Wisconsin. 
Snow on the ground, frost on the cars, flurries landing in my hair, on my coat, cheeks, eyelashes and exposed fingertips.
I like winter. I enjoy Christmas. But it really is true love I experience with winter-time apparel.

Speaking of which, these are the boots I will wear today:

I purchased these Pajar boots over a month ago while in Chicago for a David Bazan show (more about this incredible show in future postings).  They are from an adorable shoe shop in Wicker Park called Niche.  I enjoyed shopping there very much.  Although I had to look over the cutesy, over-priced flats and heels and go for the "I am finally embracing the fact that I live in the Midwest and winters are cold" look (hence, the pictured boot), I am very much delighted with my purchase.  And I have not been able to wear them until today (have been waiting for snow to officially stick to the ground).  Accompanied by my military-esque jacket, cut-off leather gloves, slouchy black hat, and pair of skinny BDG jeans tucked into them --- these boots should work out nicely, I think.

Materialistic things such as new boots, jackets, scarves, hats, etc. are what get me through the treacherous Wisconsin winters without too much complaining on my part.

Anyway.  The first snowfall in Wisconsin is pretty neat.  The flurries are scattering themselves through the sky until finally resting upon rooftops (rooftops make up much of the view out of my eighth floor window).  Soon, though, the bluffs which surround my flat will slowly transition from brown and green to a snowy white.  This will make me happy as I have not spent a winter in this particular flat yet (with this incredible view). 
I will have to take photos this winter.  And share them with, I guess.

Well.  Happy snowy December days to those of you out there experiencing a snowy December day.

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