Saturday, April 03, 2010

Everything In Its Right Place

Things I look forward to:

1.  Closing the bar tonight with two of my favorite co-workers.  (This means free Ketel One and sodas, American Spirits, giggles, and a fair amount of complaining.)

2.  Celebrating Easter tomorrow with the family +1 handsome boyfriend (hopefully).

3.  Seeing David Bazan + Headlights Monday night at the Turf Club with beautiful people.

4.  Saturday night in Minneapolis with dear friends who are scattered about the Midwest (!).

"Have you ever seen a mini with such large hands?"

Let's have T-F fly by, please.

Track du Moment: "Magazine" by Pedro The Lion

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Since when did my friends start getting pregnant?!  Does this mean that I really am getting old?  Kidding.  I am but 22 ....but seriously.

A wonderful friend from middle school (and so on) is expecting near the end of May!  How exciting it must be to be a pregnant woman.  I mean, despite your vagina being on display regularly at doctor appointments, the fact that you are carrying a living being in your own bod (!), the whole water breaking when you aren't expecting it thing, the strange cravings you endure (I had a friend crave styrofoam, and another sidewalk chalk!) -- BUT, despite those few things, it truly is a beautiful thing.  I mean it.  Pregnant women are gorgeous creatures.

The beautifully pregnant Rochelle had her baby shower this past Sunday.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by old friends and especially the old friend that has gained over 40 pounds in her stomach ONLY.  Hehe, don't kill me for this, Ro

James, me (must stop weird head cocking thing in photographs), and the pregnant lady (with Baby Harlow)!

James, Whitney, me, a severed deer head.

Look at this gorgeous mother-to-be holding up her favorite gift of the day. ;) Which was obviously from me.  "The Hippie Aunt".  How adorable though?  A silk embroidered dress with little baby mocosain-like sandals.  I was seriously scouring the other side of Gap for this outfit in my size no avail.

James, me, love.

Speaking of exciting baby news .....I am going to be an aunt again!  Have I mentioned that on this blog yet?  Hmmm ...My sister, Kim, found out just this morning that she is having a little baby girl.  I am beyond thrilled and absolutely cannot wait until August 27 (her due date).  

What a blessed whirlwind this life can be.

Track du Moment: "Lost Someone" by Cat Power