Monday, December 07, 2009

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To: somebody that I used to know.  I read this today.  And thought of you.  I am fairly certain that these words will mirror your life, unfortunately.  Life is bound to be difficult for you, but only because you will actively make it difficult for yourself. 
I just feel disappointed is all.

. . .

How Could I Have Doubted by Leonard Cohen

I stopped looking for you
I stopped waiting for you
I stopped dying for you
and I started dying for myself
I aged rapidly
I became fat in the face
and soft in the gut
and I forgot that I'd ever loved you
I was old
I had no focus, no mission
I wandered around eating and buying
bigger and bigger clothes
and I forgot why I hated
every long moment that was mine to fill
Why did you come back to me tonight
I can't even get off this chair
Tears run down my cheeks
I am in love again
I can live like this

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