Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh well, okay

Adequately recapping past events to a pseudo-stranger is beyond difficult.  Don't you think?  While sitting at the fancy hotel bar I work at with a co-worker after close, we were discussing, um, things.

Just things. 

Things which have happened over the past six months.  While fumbling over my words and attempting to explain situations and emotions with my hands, I couldn't help but wonder... why am I even trying this?  I can't even put my thoughts together in my own head.  How in the world am I supposed to begin to explain (in a not-too-disclosive-too-soon sort of way) ANYTHING to another person who hasn't been here living through the ups and downs-- my day-to-day? 

Anyway, it is just difficult I think.  At least that is the conclusion of this evening's conversation.  It turned out nicely though.  God, it wasn't a disaster or anything!  Just surprisingly, uh, difficult.

Yeah, difficult.

Once again, words are escaping me.  And if I type the word "difficult" one more time I may throw my laptop out my window.  And, well, talking with my hands doesn't go over too well via the internets.          So.  Goodnight.

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