Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Death by iTunes library

(500) Days of Summer has taught me the following things:

Have absolutely NO expectations.  Ever.
Never buy a greeting card.  Ever.
Oh, and that I should probably never date.  You know, ever, ever, ever again.

Even with those fun lessons learned, I truly did enjoy the film.  I really dig Zooey Deschanel (Summer); and how handsome/adorable/lovable was Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tom)?!  He has experienced some, uh, changes since 3rd Rock From The Sun (looooved that show).

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On a separate note, I am fairly certain my iTunes was trying to entice me to jump out of my window this afternoon. 

Here we go:
I am in my living room having a nice afternoon post-work out and errands --- I am reading, writing a little, and feeling pleasant.  Then I make the innocent mistake of deciding to start up my iTunes and listen to a little music while relaxing.  iTunes loads and I hit the shuffle button at the bottom of my iTunes window.  Keep in mind: I have nearly 4,000 songs in my iTunes library. 

First song that randomly plays:  "Walk Away" by Ben Harper.  Has anyone ever heard this absolutely heartwrenching (depressing) song?!  Oh god, it's terrible! 
So I walk over to my laptop, skip this suicidal thought enducing tune to the next random song.  My laptop sang "House Of The Rising Sun".  Ahhh, The Doors.  I was content once again....... for four minutes and thirty-two seconds anyway. 
Next song up: "Lover I Don't Have To Love" by Bright Eyes.  Jesus Christ.  At this point, I am thinking my computer has been hacked into or something.  Somebody has to be behind my innocent laptop playing this endless line up of hopeless tracks. 
This is getting ridiculous.  Next track = "I Can't Get Over You" by Damien Jurado.  Gahhhhhh!
Feeling like things can only get better, I again hit next track.  ONLY for iTunes to play one of my ex-boyfriend's singles!  Are you kidding me, iTunes?! 

Needless to say, I slammed my laptop shut and left the room.  Jesus.  Never again will I subject myself to my iTunes library on random.

Track du Moment:  "Superstar" by Sonic Youth

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  1. I loved 500 days of Summer!

    Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna delete all my iTunes library (I did this twice) but after a while, the same songs always come back...!