Monday, January 18, 2010

American Spirits (yellow)

Sometimes I wonder how many cigarettes I can smoke in a day in order to put off studying for my LSAT.  It's really quite incredible --- the number of cigarettes, as well as the amount of time I spend thinking about how I should be studying but actually don't.  Procrastination is truly an art form I have mastered.  Finally!  Something academically-related I, with very little effort, excel at.  God, life is awesome.

Honestly, my flat is spotless.  My bookshelf is meticulously dusted, my tupperware cabinet is anally organized.  I even cleaned out my closet, weather-proofed every pair of boots I own, and every window = washed. 

This is getting ridiculous.  Must study............ tomorrow. 

Because tonight I'm watching (500) Days of Summer (very excited for this) and drinking red wine with a girlfriend.  Priorities, people!


And.... I have... absolutely nothing else to say.  Guess I'll smoke another American Spirit and continue with my No Reservations marathon.  This is all very embarrassing... *shrug* - PUBLISH POST.

Track du Moment:  "Simple Life" by The Weepies

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  1. Right there with you. How is it that we're procrastinating already and the semester JUST started? This is not good.