Friday, November 13, 2009

Bless this mess

Currently... I'm lazy. And a bit spoiled. In other words, I'm at my parents' house.

Lying on an over-stuffed couch. Watching "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO OnDemand via an obnoxiously large flat panel television. Reading (an embarrassing number of) pretentious record reviews on Pitchfork. And (worst yet) staring at my unopened Cracking the LSAT book --- which should be OPENED! For the love of god, it should at least be opened. It should be studied by now. It should be meticulously read through. Maybe even with scribbled notes in the margins of each page (or, you know, at least every other). Ah, moving on to less exasperating subjects...

Like how incredibly spoiled I feel while at my parents' house. It is truly fantastic. My mum and dad are two of the most generous and witty people I know. Just being in their presence puts a smile on my face. Something I need more than ever as of late. And something I will never take for granted. And that is why I feel spoiled here. I am pretty lucky in this regard.
Plus, I really dig their dogs.

Currently, my mum is sitting in the media room with me taking a break from whatever she does in her office, and fascinating over how incredible "The Wizard of Oz" looks in HD. Ha ha. I'm giggling. As well as avoiding the television as the munchkins from Oz give me nightmares.

I better work on getting my dear mother to change the channel. I am sure Larry David induces far fewer nightmares than the Lollipop Kids...

Also, the film "Misery" is on The Weather Channel. Seriously. The Weather Channel! Airing "Misery"?! This is shocking to me (as I'm sure it is to all of you [countless] readers out there). My mum and I were just discussing how disappointed my dad (a TWC fanatic) would be over this confusing non-weather related film being aired on The WEATHER Channel.

What happened to the Local on the 8's? What is the world coming to?

Oh. Just before hitting "publish post" I noticed one of our dogs sleeping on my LSAT study book. At least it is getting some use. Jesus.

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