Thursday, September 09, 2010

Here, still.

Hello, hi!  I am alive just in case anyone was going out of their head with worry.

Many lovely things have happened since my last post.  Well, two things mostly:  I spent a month in Hawaii, and I have a darling niece named Ella Beth.

First:  Hawaii was nice, pretty, sunny, beach-y, etc. etc.  But lacking the culture I expected.  BUT, I hiked, I swam, I jumped off waterfalls.  I drank wine, I ate great food, I slept in.  I partook in a few enlightening conversations, fell in love with a Great Dane named Pongo, and ate fresh fish from the sea!  I applied sunscreen constantly and came back whiter than I left.  It was a nice experience... living in Hawaii for a short while.  But, I find myself very happy to be on landlocked Earth again.

A secluded little spot we found on O'ahu:

But the big news is here:  I am an aunt to a beautiful baby girl named Ella.  She is precious.  And, I know, as the aunt and godmother, I am obligated to say nice things about this child.  But I really mean it.  As a self-proclaimed-not-crazy-about-kids lady, I have found myself completely consumed with this child.  She is such a blessing.  Yes, a blessing.

 Beyond these things, I have absolutely not interesting news.

I am a 23 year-old college graduate who is jobless and living in one her parents' spare bedrooms.  I play with my puppies, I help with Ella, I send out resumes.  This. is. my. life.  And it's okay for now. 


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