Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Harmless Sparks

Well, the Bazan show was incredible.  Just incredible.  Great performance by the entire band (+ Dave of course).  He played a lot of old Pedro The Lion tracks which R.M. and I were thrilled with.  And the Turf Club turned out to be a very cool venue.  We were accompanied by great friends, and the night was just a beautiful success!

Although the Monday night extravaganza left me a bit tired -- I ended up missing both of my classes on Tuesday and napping instead.  And even this morning, I embarrassed myself pretty bad in pilates class.  Oh well.  Well worth it.

Okay.  That's enough already.  I am rambling on...... and on.  Happy Wednesday evening, all.

Track du Moment: "I Do" by Pedro The Lion

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  1. I like David Bazan! I'm sure it was an amazing show!