Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm back!

That's right, I'm back.  After a rather long blogging hiatus.  I am sure everyone is just elated.

These past two weeks have been a safe mix of fun, relaxing, tumultuous, and some other adjective I can't think of right now.

As mentioned in a previous post, I flew down and visited my parents in Florida for 5 days.  It was a very nice, short and sweet getaway.  My mother and dad were staying in townhouse (with their dogs) and my sister and I stayed in the townhouse next door.  Falling asleep and waking up the ocean right outside the bedroom window was absolutely fantastic.  And makes me wonder why I am still living in the Midwest?  Anyway, it was nice to hang with the family each day and take the puppies for walks multiples times a day in the Florida sunshine.  My aunt and uncle were staying in a condo about a mile down from our townhouses, so we would walk the beach to go visit them as well.  It was all very nice.  ...Until the trip back home.  My sister and I endured so many delays with our flights and ended up traveling home for nearly 16 hours.  Gross.  I hate being delayed in airports.  Especially with my crabby sister who hates flying and hates being delayed more than anyone I have ever met.  While I am trying to make the long day tolerable and fun, she is complaining to pretty much anyone who will listen.  Oh well.  That is Kim, and how she has always been I guess.  I should be more used to it.

Once we finally made it back to my parents' house, I spent time with some good friends and visited R.M.'s family for a couple of days which was fantastic.  There is never a dull moment at R.M.'s parents' house.  With four boys, I guess there really shouldn't be.  Very fun.

Now, though, I am back in La Crosse which feels incredible.  I've missed my flat and not constantly being surrounded by people.  (Is that wrong to say?)  It is just nice to be home I guess.

Well that's all I got for this afternoon.  I am feel thoroughly exhausted for some reason.  I closed the bar last night with my friend/co-worker, TJ, which was very enjoyable but draining.  Willie Nelson played at the venue directly across the street from the hotel so we were insanely busy.  It felt good to get back into the swing of things, but now I am tired and have so much to do.  Missing a week of classes = endless amounts of make-up papers to complete.  Papers which I have not started (I refused to do anything academically-related in Florida, and I can never get anything done at my parents' house).  So, today, at some point, I must be incredibly productive and whip out a few papers I have been putting off for two weeks.  Should be a great day.

I will have to post a few photos from my getaway.  There are a couple good ones on my mother's camera if I remember correctly.  Stay tuned.

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