Thursday, February 25, 2010

a Thursday Tradition

It is Thursday!  Classes are finished, naps have been had, coffee has been drunk, and now I am very much ready for this evening.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Thursday nights are reserved for cheap beer, my weirdo friends, and karaoke at The Cav.


And what's more is that R.M.'s entire family (minus one brother) is coming up for the evening.


Also, I finally booked my plane ticket to visit my parents in Florida the week prior to my spring break!  Florida sunshine, my mother and dad, my wonderful sister, and our dogs all packed into an ocean front condo for a week or so.


Now, feast your eyes:

Well, this is a photo of my friends and me in the 
Dominican two years ago, but you know.
It's still an ocean.  It's still sunshine.

One of the said dogs (Milo) and me.

The other said dog (Madeline).

They will take Florida by storm.

Cheers to all!

Track du Moment: "Evergreen" by Ryan Adams

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