Friday, November 20, 2009

Rose-coloured glasses

...are off!

And I am pleasantly listening to PJ Harvey's "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea" album (love), and posting this I guess.

All while getting ready for this evening... sort of. I am meeting a friend for drinks. She takes ages (and ages and ages) to get ready. It's really quite incredible.

Anyway. We are going for cocktails at an adorable martini bar downtown.

I have been craving a dirty Ketel One martini (two olives) for quite some time. Tonight is the night.

Well, all for now. Cheers.

I saw a beggar leaning on his wooden crutch.
He said to me, "You must not ask for so much."
And a pretty woman leaning in her darkened door.
She cried to me, "Hey, why not ask for more?"

-Leonard Cohen, Bird On The Wire

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